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Every Child Deserves A Father!!!!!



Every Family Member Has A ROLE To Play!


The ROLE Call promotes Responsibility through creating Opportunities for men to be active Leaders in their homes and communities by providing Education and training resources to enhance the quality of families.


The ROLE Call stands on Five Pillars of Service.

  1. To train and mentor young men to identify what manhood is at an early age to encourage them to be responsible men, fathers and husbands in their adulthood.

  2. To be a support and encouragement to single mothers and female guardians on raising children without the presence of their children's father.

  3. To assist in promoting a team model parenting approach between the father and mother by providing help and resources to promote successful co-parenting for married and unmarried parents.

  4. To reconnect absentee fathers with their children by providing support, encouragement and resources.

  5. To provide resources that will help men be better leaders at home and in their communities.


Our mission is to increase and enhance Fatherhood Engagement for the benefit of families by providing training and resources to fathers, single mothers,  young men and women without fathers and to absentee fathers looking to reconnect with their children. The Role Call is here to help connect children with a responsible male adult for guidance and fathering/mentoring.


The goal of our organization is to see a ROLE Call Chapter in every major city in America and eventually across the world.


Fatherhood is important and we are dedicated to seeing every child have a positive father figure in their lives.

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