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Fatherhood Engagement Team

Andre D. Harrison

Andre is the founder and director of The Role Call.  His desire is to see men be more involved in their homes and communities and to aid fathers in playing an active role in the lives of their children by providing them with resources to help them enhance their parenting capabilities.


With over 15 years of experience Andre has worked full time as the pastor of youth and family ministry at a New York City church and has experience working with Head Start in the social service division.


Andre is a father of three sons who was raised without his father. He has authored a book called From a Fatherless Father to His Sons- a guide for young men growing up without father, a help to single mothers in understanding their adoloscent sons and a message to absentee fathers to encourage them to reclaim their role as a father.  Andre travels, speaks and conducts seminars to young men and women, single mothers and fathers. 

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