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Book - From A Fatherless Father To His Sons

Learning to become a man without a man to show him how." This is the life story of Andre Harrison, pastor, youth advocate and a father of three boys. Millions of children in the world today are growing up without the active presence of a father. Whether it is due to his demanding work schedule, his criminal behavior or his own cowardice, he is absent from the home. Studies have shown that fatherlessness is an epidemic that affects the social and psychological development of children, most particularly male children. In this book, Harrison poses the question: When a young man is raised without a man, how will he learn to become a man? Written from a refreshing, first-person perspective, From a Fatherless Father to his Sons is more than a memoir of Harrison's struggle to achieve manhood for himself in the face of such odds, it is a how-to "manual for the fatherless." In it, are life lessons about faith, sex, integrity and many other nuggets of wisdom that all boys should know, but - sadly - most fatherless boys don't. Harrison offers readers practical steps for becoming a man even in the absence of one. Whether you are a young man, single mom or a father trying to rebuild a relationship with your son this book will be a help to you.

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