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It Takes A Team To Accomplish Greatness

Recently I posted a picture of a good friend and team member sitting at Starbucks as she was helping plan things out with The ROLE Call. Carrie is founder of a DC based company that aides with marketing and promotion called Growth Matters. The picture spawned a comment by a beloved coworker of mine who lovingly and jokingly said to me that I was full of myself, acting like I have all these employees working for me. We laughed it off but the truth is that the people that work alongside The ROLE Call do what they do because of the important mission ahead, some of those people including myself do it for zero compensation.

The ROLE Call is fortunate enought to have people who are dedicated to fulfilling a cause much greather than themselves. A cause that is guaranteed to make communities ofvcivilizations, not just in the US but all over the world, better. This cause to Eradicate Fatherlessness.

Andre D. Harrison may be the visionary behind this project but he is not the project. Long after Mr. Harrison The ROLE Call will continue its effort to encourage father to Play Their ROLE... So as The ROLE Call team continues to press forward The ROLE Call wishes to share gratitude to all who makes The ROLE Call an effective force in the communities that has and will have a chapter.

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