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A Child's First Hero

I was about 8 years old arguing with my friends about which one of our fathers had the biggest muscles. With extreme exhageration we would compare our father's muscles and how much bigger our dad's muscles were. My pop, Alvin, was my first superhero, he wasn't really my father but a superhero to me nonetheless.

Young boys inparticular look for men to look up to and emulate, this man should be their father. If there isn't a positive role model these young men will look to bad examples and copy their behaviors and possibly add to the decay of society.

Notice how great heros had sidekicks? Its the responsibility of heros to mentor and guide the younger generation. Heros leave a legacy.

Not only was my pop Alvin a hero to me he was also a hero to many others. Captain in Corrections, Sargeant in the Army and a pillar in his family. He wasn't my biological father but I didn't have to look far to look for my hero, he would always be there if I needed him.

I ask you dads out there, are you your children's hero?

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