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Book Andre D. Harrison to Speak

Andre D. Harrison Director and Author of

From a Fatherless Father to His Sons


Andre is a passionate individual with deep convictions for his family, community and God.  Ten years as a full-time youth pastor, and now working with fathers, single mothers and fatherless children, Andre has dedicated his life to make a difference - to Eradicate Fatherlessness.


Andre is available to speak at your event, organization, outreach, church, etc about various topics ranging from Fatherlessness, Fatherhood Engagement, Anti-Bullying, Team Building, Self Worth, and on Christianity and the Bible.


You can call 786-443-3833 or send an email to with the date and time you are interested in having him speak. You will be contacted by a booking representative to negotiate rates and travel.


Please add the type of event (seminar, conference, youth/church service, book signing).


* There is an additional cost for travel/lodging expenses for events outside of a 60 mile radius from Manhattan, NY.  (Gas & Toll or Flight/Train/Bus and/or Lodging) *

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